Personal Life

I live in Auburn, California and enjoy lots of hiking and kayaking, as well as giving back as much time as I can to the nonprofit community while working on finishing my MBA.


The Events Business

I started out in this business at age 14. At the time, school districts were my main focus. I contracted with Schools like Shasta Lake School, Cow Creek School, Buckeye Elementary, Parsons Elementary, Milville Elementary, and Boulder Creek Elementary. I provided sound and lighting for all their dances and other events. After a few years, I expanded to include high schools, and contracted with Enterprise High School and Central Valley High School. These contracts too included not just dances, but other events like lunch time in the quad and several barbecues. I also started contracting with other types of organizations around this time like churches and nonprofits. I have done hundreds of events for these schools and organizations over the course of the last 14 years. A more complete list is available below.

Once I turned 21, I expanded to bars and nightclubs. At the time I was still living in Chico, and I enjoyed weekly gigs at The Maltese (try the sweet potato fries) and other bars in town. I also expanded to Redding and did several one-off events at venues like the 501 club. When I reached the Sacramento area, my work expanded to include night clubs. Club 21 was a favorite of mine, and one I will never forget!

Check Out My Sample Mix

This mix contains 24 progressive dance tracks, from a great mix session which demonstrates my favorite style of music; fast paced, high energy dance. I take you from hip-hop to dubstep and everywhere in between. This is a CD you’re sure to leave in the car for a long time to come! Be aware, this mix does contain explicit lyrics.

More Photos and Client Information

Maltese Monthly Jello Wrestling

Bars and Nightclubs

  • Club 21
  • Headhunters
  • Panama Bar and Cafe
  • The Maltese Bar and Taproom
  • The 501 Club
  • The University Bar
Alpha Chi Winter Formal


  • Shasta Lake School
  • Enterprise High School
  • Central Valley High School
  • Buckeye Elementary
  • Parsons Elementary
  • Cow Creek School
  • Milville Elementary
  • Boulder Creek Elementary
School Dinner Party

Other Venues

  • Forever 21
  • Win River Casino
  • Shasta Dam Concourse
  • Churn Creek Golf Course
  • The Arroyo Room
  • Alpha Chi Sorority
  • Subud Hall
  • Tale O’ the Whale Restaurant
  • American Legion Hall
  • The Imperial Sovereign Court of Chico
  • Lots of Weddings
Halloween House Party in Chico

Don’t Forget House Parties

  • Halloween
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • …Or Just For Fun